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Tostitos 6-13 oz, Tortilla Chips, <br>Lay's Kettle Cooked<br>or Regular 7-10 oz, <br>Select Varieties <br>Potato Chips

Tostitos 6-13 oz, Tortilla Chips, 
Lay's Kettle Cooked
or Regular 7-10 oz, 
Select Varieties 
Potato Chips

6 pk, Half Liter Bottles <br>Coca-Cola Products

6 pk, Half Liter Bottles 
Coca-Cola Products

Red Baron, 14.76-23.45 oz, Select Varieties <br>Pizzas

Red Baron, 14.76-23.45 oz, Select Varieties 

Sara Lee 24 oz, 100 % Whole Wheat, <br>100 % Honey Whole Wheat or Multigrain <br>Bread

Sara Lee 24 oz, 100 % Whole Wheat, 
100 % Honey Whole Wheat or Multigrain 


Nature intended produce

We have quite a following for our fresh salsa! To eat right and stay fit, look to fresh produce as the answer for your nutritional needs. We go to great lengths to carry only the finest fruits and vegetables and to deliver them in the same excellent condition as when they were picked.

Meat from a butcher

Our meat department is unlike any other in the state! We have the licensing to process beef, pork, and lamb for local farmers. In addition to this we have freezer bundles available. We produce our own ground beef patties, cure turkeys in 3 different flavors and make our own pastrami. Our breakfast sausage links, bratwurst, bulk sausage and sauage patties in many different flavors, and cottage bacon are all made from scratch. Wane Justice, our meat manager, has an extensive background in meat cutting, processing, and curing. More signature items are being developed in our other departments as we speak.

You demand and deserve the best in meat, poultry and seafood. Our fresh meat department is designed to satisfy even the most discriminating guests and ensure their satisfaction. Plus, our in-store butchers have a thorough knowledge of the items they carry and provide insight unavailable anywhere else.

Oven-fresh bakery

The mouthwatering smell of warm bread right from the oven, the eye-catching ability of french bread and dinner rolls all translate into happy guests at our store.

Western Family

Since 1934, Western Family has had a prominent place at America's tables. Western Family has had a tradition of excellent products and a heritage of healthy solutions for every family. When guests purchase Western Family products, they know they're getting great quality at a terrific value. In fact, if they are not completely satisfied with any Western Family item, they can return it and receive double their money back.

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